Be where your feet are

At LuMin we begin the story of faith where you are.  And where you are is a complex, beautiful, oftentimes challenging road.  Jesus spent most of his time being with people, where they were at, talking about their lives and showing them that where they are, God also is.  

He talked about the God being present, in the mess and wonder of life.  He sat around tables, eating food, inviting everyone to join him in imagining a world where there are no longer insiders and outsiders, no longer us vs them. no longer living with fear of scarcity, judgement, 

It's strange that Christianity took Jesus’ teachings of here, and now and everyone and turned it into a story about where you go after you die. who get's in,  who is good enough to earn love.  

And so we invite you to join us, in simple but radical ways to reground your life where it is.  To sit around tables where strangers become friends, where all are welcome, and where you begin to see your story, not as one where you find God, but where you begin to see that God never needed to be found, that God is in, with, under, above, every moment.  And in every moment, God is calling us to envision and enact the Good News, that everyone belongs, everyone is loved, and everyone has gifts to share with the world.  

Ways to Be here this semester


  • Dinner @6:30pm
  • Conversation@7:30


    Monday Morning Meditation

  • Stop by the building on Mondays at 11am and 1pm to take a 10 minute guided meditation pause.  
  • This is drop in so come on by when it works for you.  

Tuesdays: 7pm:  Spiritual Resilience

  • We live in turbulent times. Surrounded by discord and distress, we struggle to bring our best selves to each day. How do we find the hope, strength and stamina we need to rise to the call? How do we stay resilient?

    Spiritual resilience rests on a foundation of positive spiritual emotions that help us thrive and give us energy to reach out and help others. Some people come by these qualities naturally. Most of us wander off into the weeds if we're not paying attention.

    On Tuesdays we learn the tools to help cultivate positive spiritual emotions and process challenges. We blend centuries-old spiritual practices with current scientific research on human resilience. These resources aid us in engaging the world with compassion, courage and hope.

Earth Tending

Our original calling from God is to tend the garden of this Earth.  As we all know, we are not in a healthy relationship with the Earth.  We need to reclaim our original calling and get to know our home and mother better.  We are building a partnership with Friends of the Blufflands, and the Mississippi Valley Conservancy to adopt a small piece of our home planet and get to know it deeply, and actively work towards its healing and restoration.  This partnership is just beginning and we will have more information on dates for work as the semester progresses.  


LuMin is a Christ-centered community in the Lutheran tradition (ELCA). 

We believe that all people are created in God's image. 

We are passionate about the radical hospitality that Jesus showed all people

We are committed to being a place of that same hospitality.

We welcome all people to our life and ministry together --

                       in worship, at the font, at the table, and in our life together

                       regardless of race, gender identities, sexual orientation

                       or any other category society uses to differentiate between                         people. 

There is no longer Jew nor Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

Land and Water

LuMin exists in the watershed where the Black River, the La Crosse River, and the Mississippi River converge.  This watershed and the lands it defines are the sacred home of the Ho-Chunk people.  We acknowledge the church's role in the colonization and occupation of indigenous land, and its role in attempting to destroy indigenous culture and religion. 

General Stuff

Location:  Corner of 14th and Pine

Open: 9am - 10pm (or later if coffeehouse staff feel like it)

Phone numbers: Pastor Ben Morris (608) 406-1556


website: you are on it now