Spiritual REsilience

Here we are, going into year three of our new reality...

And as done as we may be, this whole thing is not done yet.

And if you are like most everyone else, you are probably feeling exhausted, in your mind, body and spirit.  

But inside everyone is a core of hope, of love, of gratitude, of generosity, of joy...

No, this is not some self help/self care pipe dream.  This is the undergirding truth of being human.  Inside all of us is a well of spiritual resilience.  Ancient spiritual traditions and modern neuroscience affirm that their are practices that allow us to grow in our resilience. 

So join us on Tuesday nights.  Have dinner, join the discussion, and learn some new ways to ground yourself!

THis Semester

Here are the main things we do...

Worship -7:07pm on Sundays we gather for worship.  Learn more about it here.

Be:Together - 6:30 on Tuesdays, Dinner with vegetarian option, and faith discussion/Bible study.

And along side these larger events we have more drop in friendly things.  Most of it won't take more than a half hour, but are designed for you to be able to linger if that's what your feeling.  

Be:Mindful - 10 am and 1pm on Mondays, come upstairs for a 20 minute mindfulness practice.  We will explore different ways to calm our minds and just be in the moment. 

Be:Fed - 10:30 am til it's gone on Wednesdays, brunch including cinnamon rolls

Land and Water

LuMin exists in the watershed where the Black River, the La Crosse River, and the Mississippi River converge.  This watershed and the lands it defines are the sacred home of the Ho-Chunk people.  We acknowledge the church's role in the colonization and occupation of indigenous land, and its role in attempting to destroy indigenous culture and religion. 

General Stuff

Location:  Corner of 14th and Pine

Open: 9am - 10pm (or later if coffeehouse staff feel like it)

Phone numbers: Pastor Ben Morris (608) 406-1556


website: you are on it now