Worship is at the heart of who we are and what we do.  We take time to be aware of the beauty, awe, mystery and holiness that is always all around us.  We gather in community with God at the center.  We sing, honor silence, move, breath, speak, listen, and eat a sacred meal together.  We could write paragraphs trying to explain what worship is but it really can only be experienced.  So consider this an invite.

Normally we gather on Sunday Nights at 7:07 at Common Ground's coffee house.  But, as you well know, these are not normal times.  We will be gathering outside, at Myrick Park or at Viterbo as long as safety and weather permit.  Check out our facebook and instagram for all the latest updates

If you need a ride, contact us and we will figure something out.


Oikos (oy-kass) means "household" in Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament.  The idea of household was much more expansive in the ancient world than it is today.  It meant something more like, the people you share your life with.  In fact it is the root for words like ecology and economy.  

So who do you share your life with?  In college this is a strange question.  You are literally surrounded by thousands of people your age, but might feel more anonymous than you ever have.  You might have moved away from home and find joy in your new freedom but missing some of the things you thought were mundane and by now realize are profound, like passing a dish around a table at mealtime.  

So who do you share your life with?  Our Oikos groups meet weekly, in our upper room.  We share a homemade meal. We share our thoughts as God's story is discussed.  We share our joys.  We share our pains.  In sharing our lives with each other we find a depth of life and joy that is the heart of being Oikos, together. 

We have multiple Oikos groups meeting throughout the week, each one led by a student host.  There is one waiting for you, so come share life...

You can sign up here


Bear with the analogy for a moment:  Do you remember in the Hobbit when Gandalf says to Bilbo, "I am looking for someone to share in an adventure..."? If you cannot follow, stop everything and go read The Hobbit.   Well, we believe that God is saying the same thing to us.  Most of us grew up around people who speak, think, act and basically are very much like us.  When Bilbo goes off on his adventure he does not come back the same.  We strive to facilitate trips that will change your life.  The world is big, its people are various and its problems loom large.  We believe that by stepping out of our comfort zone, meeting new people in new places, God can form us to be people engaged in helping heal what is wrong.  So from a J-Term in Thailand, to a remote village in the High Cascade Mountains,  to being a guest on the sacred lands of the Pine Ridge Reservation, God might be calling you to leave the safety of home and come back a different person.