The most important way you can support the ministry of Common Ground is by praying for us.

The church is going through one of its hardest seasons yet, and the generation we work with is the most resistant to anything that seems religious.

Jesus told us that if our faith was like a mustard seed we could move mountains.  Campus Ministry is a bit like mountain moving but we know we have the support of so many.  

Pray for:

  • Opportunities to share out faith in new and unexpected ways.
  • Strength for our leaders.
  • That we would have the resources to continue this vital ministry.
  • That hearts would open to the Gospel
  • Anything else that you feel called to pray for us about.

Free Cookie Wednesday

Last year we gave out almost 20,000 cookies!  It was an amazing way for us to be on campus, show some love, and engage in conversations with students.  It allowed us to be known for grace and generosity.  

We hand them out at the clock tower, where a one of a few things happen.  On a normal day, people are signing other people up for something, or they are selling something.  On the bad days certain preacher types show up to condemn and yell at students.

But when Common Ground shows up we bring fresh homemade cookies made with love, for free.  No sign ups. No yelling. No Cost.  Students always seem to be joyfully perplexed. 

If you are interested in your church providing cookies, we are happy to have them.  Just go to the link below, sign up on the page you are directed to and then have a fun baking party!

We ask that you bring at least 500 (more are always welcome) and due to school rules they have to be homemade and not store bought.  

We hand them out on Wednesdays but feel free to bring them to Common Ground  Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (before noon on Wednesdays)

click here!

Financial support

This vital ministry is possible because everyday people like you choose to give.  We are grateful for every gift, no matter the size.  We use your gifts to show up on our campuses with the love of God, to proclaim boldly that ALL students are loved, and to see lives transformed by love.

Thank you for your generosity, it truly makes all of this possible.