How are you holding up?  No, really, pause and take a breath.  How are you?

Yeah, it's been a hard year.  We know, we went through it too.  Not the same way you did, but it was tough.  We want to help.  In the midst of all the hard stuff, we want to invite you to learn how to set it down for a bit and draw into some peace.  

And so this semester's programming is all about how to BE.  Everything is drop in.  We realized last year that commitment was stressful, and we don't think a campus ministry should add stress.  So come when you can.  We'll be here for you.


Monday Morning Meditation MMM - 10am @luminlax

BE:Mindful - 11:15 and takes 25 minutes - Come to Common Ground and learn different mindfulness techniques and find that inner calm. 


BE:Together - Home Cooked dinner and this semester Bible Study/Faith talk about the big questions surrounding faith and scripture. 


BE:Fed - 10:30am - foods gone.  Brunch with homemade cinnamon rolls.


Our building is open for studying, prayer, silence, meditation, and conversation.